Managed Services

Business Continuity and extension is key for all healthcare system and software product development companies. HealthxSolutions establishes globally distributed hybrid model to provide effective solutions and coverage for technology services, application development and support. HealthxSolutions builds and operates businesses which includes:

  • Offshore Software Development Centers
  • Offshore Call Centers
  • Offshore Support Centers
  • Offshore Testing Centers

All centers are modeled to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Packaged solutions gets you started with offshore unit in just 2 weeks.

Offshore Software Development Center

Expand your software development team capabilities, develop software 24×7 to have faster time to market, build and release scheduled versions.  As well as fix issues and improve quality, optimize costs with right combination of talent and location.

Offshore Call Centers

Expand hours of operations by extending your call center globally and provide extended coverage to customers and users.

Offshore Support Centers

Monitoring activities, break fix, integration configurations, order set builds, workflow configurations, project management support, administrative support, recruitment support are some of the key activities that will help your business to be more effective and accessible.

Offshore QA and Testing Centers

Software release testing, manual testing, automated testing, workflow testing, configuration validation, process QA, project management QA, and resource management QA enables providing better quality of products and services.